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Ten times larger and three times longer than Milford Sound, Doubtful Sound has three distinct, twisting arms, steep sided mountains clad with dense rainforest and several islands.  Created by massive glacial forces and subject to one of the world’s highest rainfall levels, the fiord is home to fascinating and rare wildlife on land as well as above and below the water.


There’s no settlement here and no easy access. Cruise vessels and fishing boats ply the waters only seasonally.  When you visit Doubtful Sound, New Zealand, it’s unchanged, pristine nature is striking.  You are witnessing the same scene that greeted early Maori and European visitors – the years have changed little, if anything, in this magnificent place. 

The mood of the fiord is dominated by the weather – glorious and sparkling on a sunny day, tranquil and mysterious in the mist or dramatic and exciting in the wet as hundreds of waterfalls thunder into the sea.  This is an awesome place where you’ll experience the raw power of nature.  The sheer scale and beauty of the fiord makes for a profound experience.