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Past and present, hunting in New Zealand has been a popular activity for putting food on tables and for sport and recreation.


New Zealand’s only native mammal is a bat, so European settlers introduced several hunting species specifically for sport. In the absence of natural predators, these animals flourished. Today, population control is achieved with safe and controlled hunting. Targets include deer (including red, fallow and sika), chamois, tahr, pigs, goats and possums. We also offer first-rate waterfowl and upland game-bird hunting.


Visitors should hire a professional guide, as New Zealand's forests and mountains are physically demanding and the high country weather is unpredictable. Local knowledge is also essential for a successful hunt.


It is recommended that hunters use rifles of .270 minimum calibre. Ammunition is readily available for all common calibres. On arrival, you should declare imported firearms to New Zealand Customs who will refer you to the airport police for a permit. If you don’t want to travel with your gun, professional guides can provide suitable firearms and ammunition.


There are many professional guides available in New Zealand, offering hunts from one day to four weeks. Here are a few of our favourites...


Southern Adventure hunters based in Dunedin. 


Glendene Hunting based near wanaka.


Stravon Hunting who are throughout the South Island


Four Seasons Safaris - take a look at the latest brochure here. 


Or if you've always fancied hunting from a helicopter, check out Helisika based in Taupo. There are similar options in the South Island too.


For more information we highly recommend reading this Department of Conservation (DoC) Hunting brochure.