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Other countries may boast of cinematic scenery, but in New Zealand it’s a statement of movie-making fact. Across both the North Island and the South Island, many stunning locations were showcased by Sir Peter Jackson in his Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies. Even getting to the locations is often an adventure, with tour operators harnessing 4WD vehicles, helicopters and horses to reach the destinations brought to life as Edoras or the Plains of Rohan. On a smaller, but equally fascinating scale, Hobbit buffs can sup on a pint of beer at the Green Dragon Inn in Hobbiton (aka Matamata), or go behind the scenes of the magic at the Weta Cave in Wellington.

This Academy Award winning trilogy of films (four Oscars for The Fellowship of the Ring, two Oscars for The Two Towers and 11 Oscars for The Return of the King - including Best Film and Best Director awards) showcased the skills of the cast and crew. One of the big winners however is New Zealand. It took two years to film the LOTR trilogy but millions of years to build the sets. New Zealand born Peter Jackson filmed the entire six films in various locations around New Zealand. More than 150 locations throughout the country were used in filming.

Jackson and his team scoured New Zealand for the most beautiful and diverse areas. The rolling hills of Matamata became Hobbiton, while the volcanic region of Mt Ruapehu transformed into the fiery Mt. Doom where Sauron forged The Ring, and Queenstown, New Zealand's adventure capital, was the setting for numerous scenes including the Eregion Hills, and the Pillars of Argonath.



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