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During your trip around New Zealand we shall be making sure that you experience some of the "real" New Zealand and do what the Kiwi's do, not what the tourists do.


Here is a small sample of things that we'll be recommending...


  • Stop for a Jimmy's Pie in Roxburgh

  • Go white-baiting on The Coast and reward yourself with a whitebait fritter

  • Drink an L&P in Paeroa

  • Visit the seal pups at a secret location

  • Watch some local bands at a vineyard festival

  • Have a BBQ lunch at one of the free BBQ's alongside a lakefront or beachfront

  • Pick your own stone-fruit in Central Otago

  • Try Bluff Oysters in Bluff

  • Have Fish & Chips on a beach, but with Watties ketchup, not Heinz ... If you can stomach it - after 10 years I still can't!

  • Catch a game of rugby - it doesn't have to be the mighty All Blacks, all Kiwi provincial games are packed with atmosphere and characters as well as some pretty good rugby! 

  • On a hot day enjoy a hokey-pokey ice-cream from the local dairy

  • Take a photo beside all the huge NZ town icons (including some fruit, a sheepdog, a salmon, a shearer, a gumboot, a donut and a sausage)

  •  Buy some scrumptious fresh food at a local farmer's market