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Rainy day in NZ with (or without) kids? How about some indoor rock-climbing?

September 24, 2018


If you’ve ever tried rock climbing (and even if you haven’t), chances are you’ll LOVE Clip ‘n Climb. For starters, there are no age restrictions — perfect for little monkeys!There are 8 clip 'n climb franchises in New Zealand, from Auckland to Invercargill.



It’s designed for both adults and kids alike with loads of colourful climbing challenges of varying difficulty. What that means mums and dads, is you get to join in the fun! Climbing is good for kids on so many levels — from physical, to therapeutic and confidence-building so we scooted off to the newest Clip 'n Climb franchise, in the South Island city of Dunedin. Here is the low-down...




The colourful room instantly differenciates itself from the usual bland climbing centres that appear very serious and do all they can to replicate an outdoor rock face environment




There are so many walls to climb – each decked out in different colours and themes with different levels of difficulty so its challenging for everyone.


There’s the Morse Code with flashing lights, the Dry Ice wall where you need ice picks, and the Spaghetti Junction with dangling ropes for extra difficulty. It’s a full sensory experience and keeps the fun stakes high. We love that it’s an activity that parents can join in with kids and it’s a big plus that there is no age minimum (just weight; kids must be 10kg or above).




The staff are pretty clued up – a huge bonus when you are climbing for the first time. They run through a full safety briefing, show you the ropes (literally), how to put on the harness and use the carabiners. Then it’s time to climb to the top of the wall like I maybe did, maybe didn't (!) and you get to buzz the buzzer before you abseil down, which is a genuine thrill-seeking experience.




If you get stuck up at the top of the wall and are too scared to free-fall back down (hey, no judgment, its scary up there!), staff can rescue you – they’ll first try encourage you down by yourself but if all else fails they are trained to do the abseil rescue maneuver. No I have no personal experience of this really. Really!


Our five year old girl is a natural climber, and loved every second. It wasn't that she's fearless, just wilful, and she wasn't going to let any wall beat her! Our three year old boy much preferred the abseiling part of it so would climb far enough up so that he could enjoy the ride down. But hey, whatever works!




All in all a fantastic fun, worth-the-money activity for some kid bonding. Two thumbs up!


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