100% Pure flight – New Zealand’s first and only indoor sky diving!

March 8, 2019


So …. what is iFLY? 





iFLY Queenstown is New Zealand's first and only indoor skydiving. It's the simulation of true free-fall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel, where the dream of flight becomes a reality for everyone, ages 5 to 105. In 1998 iFLY pioneered the technology that made human flight not just a dream, but a reality. Since then they’ve flown over 8 million people from all corners of the world.


Three Island’s treated a friend for her special 40th birthday to experience this new (to NZ) phenomenon. This is what she said…


"Walking in to the iFly building, you’re immediately hit by an exciting state of the art vibe that’s not like anything you’ve experienced before. With friendly staff assisting you in the reception area and a very straight forward sign-up and disclaimer process, what could be easier to get you on your way to experiencing something truly unique!


Before you get to the main event, there is some important prep you need to do. You’re met by your instructor and taken to a room to view the information and health & safety video. Your instructor talks further to this and demonstrates some of they key things to know and remember.  It’s all very straightforward, easy to follow and very exciting!


Next stop is getting on your flying gear! You’re give a pretty comfortable all-in-one suit, goggles and ear plugs (it can get pretty noisy in the wind tunnel). At this stage, things are really getting serious and you’re defiantly looking the part! There is an entrance in to the wind tunnel, but separate to the main part where you fly. If you are flying with others you all take it in turns. In my case I was third out of three and I liked this as I could watch the other go first and see up close what our initial training video had described plus those main things we had to remember such as keeping our chins up. When you’re flying in the tunnel there are a team of people around you. One person who is your instructor in the tunnel with you, helping support, guide and encourage you. Then there are another two staff who are on the outside of the tunnel, controlling the wind and timer. When your time is almost up there is a flash from outside to let you know.





I took to my first flight and at this stage I was incredibly excited. I didn’t feel scared in any way, maybe just a little nervous! Up I went to the entranceway of the wind tunnel and then hands up, lean forward and off we go!!! What a crazy feeling to be flying! Its hard to describe really as you’re just having such a fun time! It’s totally exhilarating and like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It doesn’t take long to perfect your balance and then you’re actually flying by yourself (but instructor right there to monitor you!)


After a little rest back outside the wind tunnel whilst the other participants had their second flight. You can’t stop smiling. I also noticed the other people flying also had very big grins on their faces too! Also, family friends and anyone else that venture in to the building can also observe the flights and I couldn’t help but notice how much fun my friends were also having, just by watching!!



On my second flight, I did better in terms of my balancing and position and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, a silver superman came in and whisked me high up in to the tunnel for a ‘high flight’! Wow what an experience and the best fun! We went up and down and around! I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat!









I couldn’t recommend this activity enough! It’s so much fun and so exhilarating and I was really impressed by the ease of participating and the professionalism of the staff. I even took away a souvenir video and pictures of my very special moment at iFly and a memory I’ll never forget!"










From a spectator’s point of view, I can confirm that it’s a memory I’ll never forget, seeing my friend flying around with a massive grin on her face the whole time! I’m next …


See our Facebook page for the full video!


For more information on this awesome Queenstown activity click here



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