Rental car


Enjoy the freedom of the open road for all or part of your holiday. Driving conditions are excellent. We drive on the left in New Zealand, roads are wide and well-maintained and, outside the city, you're likely to have the road to yourself. There is a plethora of rental car companies, including Hertz, Apex Rentals, Budget Rentals and Omega. We will book the ones that best suits your budget.




With a Motorhome you take your own well-equipped and comfortable holiday home out on the open road.

Explore as far and wide as you like, without having to pack and unpack during your holiday and stay in modern well-equipped motorhome parks or secluded bush retreats away from it all. There's also a 4WD version to get you right off the beaten track. Like with the rental cars above, we will take into account your needs and budget and book the best fit.




Flying around towns and cities in New Zealand is easy. Our two main carriers are Air New Zealand and Jet Star. If you're short of time, or just don't fancy driving, we can find some great flight deals for you.

Tour guide

If there is a large group of you then it may be economical to hire a tour guide to see our beautiful country. Three Islands NZ has links with the two best companies in New Zealand so we're able to arrange this for you at a good price.




There is a comprehensive range of New Zealand coach tours & holiday packages, including short break holidays and longer tours. These itineraries meet the needs of the traveller who is seeking the assurance of a well-planned, pre-booked New Zealand wide coach holiday. Tours depart every day, meaning we can plan your holiday for any day of the year and we can choose or change any part of the tour to create your dream holiday itinerary. Some offer daily departures, so that you do not have to travel with a set group of people or with a tour leader, giving you more day-to-day independence.




While New Zealand does not have established rail links like other countries, there are still a number of options for travelling by train. Each of the three scenic passenger rail journeys in New Zealand are unique, with views from the Northern Explorer train showing you the diverse countryside of the North Island - towering viaducts, spectacular gorges, hidden valleys, to the rugged coastline of the South Island, seen from the Coastal Pacific train to the mountain alpine scenery from the Tranz Alpine train. Travel in air conditioned, centrally heated, carpeted carriages that have an advanced air bag suspension system for quieter and smoother travel, un-tinted, non-reflective, panoramic side and roof windows to capture the dramatic coastal and mountain views, GPS triggered journey commentary in five languages at your seat via headphones, plus information displays, overhead HD video and on-board washroom facilities.


For more information on each of the three rail journeys, including tours, weekend breaks, wine-tasting, dolphin encounters, whale watching, national parks and more, click here. We can easily include any of these journeys in your itinerary.




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